Which lightsaber companies sell Mystery Boxes?

Multiple lightsaber companies sell Mystery Boxes. A ‘mystery box’ means a buyer purchases an item without knowing which style or model they will get. A lightsaber related mystery box typically contains ONE item, rather than a box full of items. Also, some companies use different names for mystery boxes like ‘grab bag’ or ‘mystery bag’ or ‘guess what box’, but the concept of receiving an unknown item is the same.

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Ultrasabers Mystery Box and Grab Bag Sabers and Blades

Ultrasabers is one of the most famous lightsaber companies that sells Mystery Box Sabers. Ultrasabers sells a standard Mystery Box Saber for $75 and a Mystery Box Saber with Guaranteed Sound for $200. Ultrasabers states that Mystery Box Sabers could be any saber in their arsenal (although their basic sabers are the most common). A $75 Mystery Box Saber will likely be a stunt saber, but there’s a small possibility of receiving a sound saber as a $75 Mystery Box Saber. Mystery Box Sabers are excluded from most Ultrasabers sales. Ultrasabers does not disclose the odds of receiving any given lightsaber as a Mystery Box Saber.

Ultrasabers Grab Bag Sabers are similar to Mystery Box Sabers. Grab Bag Sabers are $70 and stunt sabers only (no possibility of receiving a sound saber). Grab Bag Sabers are most commonly basic sabers (i.e. sabers that retail for under $100 or so) and have no guaranteed value, so it’s possible to receive saber lower in value than what you pay. Ultrasabers does not disclose the odds of receiving any given lightsaber as a Grab Bag Saber.

Like lightsabers, Ultrasabers sells Grab Bag Blades: either 24 inch Initiate Grab Bag Blades or Full Size Grab Bag Blades (32, 26 or 40 inch blades). Grab Bag Blades have some minor defects and scratches, but are cheaper than standard blades. You can’t control the blade thickness, style (standard or Ultraedge), or length of full size Grab Bag Blades (all Initiate Grab Bag Blades are 24 inches long). Ultrasabers does not disclose the odds of receiving any given blade.

Saberforge Mystery Box Sabers
Like Ultrasabers, Saberforge also famously sells Mystery Box Sabers. Saberforge Mystery Box Sabers are sorted into batches of 100 and sell out frequently. Saberforge can be wiped out of Mystery Box Sabers for months because they only draw their Mystery Box Saber inventory from convention demo sabers.

Saberforge offers two tiers of Mystery Box Sabers: $125 (most likely a stunt saber) or $275 for a guaranteed sound saber. Saberforge does disclose the odds of receiving a type of lightsaber in each batch of 100.

The Pach Store Tiny Giant Kyojin Mystery Bag Sabers
The Tiny Giant Kyojin is one of the most affordable lightsabers on the market. One Kyojin costs $59, but a Mystery Bag of 2 Sabers costs $110 or Mystery Bag of 5 Sabers costs $250. If you purchase a Tiny Giant Kyojin Mystery Bag, you don’t get control over the LED color or the hilt color, but the sabers are cheaper. A Tiny Giant Kyojin Mystery Bag with may be a good fit for weddings and other events where the LED color or hilt color doesn’t matter.

Ripper Blades Guess What Box
Lightsaber blade maker Ripper Blades recently introduced three pricing tiers of Guess What Boxes: $50, $75 or $100. Ripper Blades states that you will receive a Ripper Blade with a value that meets or exceeds the price you paid. Ripper Blades originally touted Guess What Boxes as a limited time offer, but now seem to be selling Guess What Boxes on an ongoing basis. Ripper Blades discloses which model blades you could receive at any pricing tier, but does not state the odds of receiving any given blade.

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Although only a few custom saber companies sell items as mystery boxes at the moment, the mystery box concept seems highly profitable and popular with lightsaber enthusiasts, so it’s possible that more lightsaber companies will offer similar items in the future.

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