Ripper Blades Flat Acrylic Blade Color Options: Clear, Solid Color, Two Toned

Ripper Blades, a custom lightsaber blade company, offers three main types of color options for their flat acrylic blades: clear, solid color and two-toned.

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Clear Flat Acrylic Blades (no extra charge)
A clear blade is totally clear, although the blade with still feature details, like the squiggly lightning bolt effects contained within the blade. Clear blades are very common and popular among lightsaber enthusiasts because the clear blades will take on the color of the LED. Clear is also the default color option for a Ripper Blades flat acrylic blades.

Solid Color Acrylic Blades ($20 extra)
A solid color blade is when you select a single color for the entire blade. The available solid colors include: red, blue, purple, green, orange, and yellow. Some blades also allow the buyer to select black. Black is a highly sought after blade color due to the popular of the black-bladed Darksaber.

Two-Toned Acrylic Blades ($10 per half; clear is no extra charge)
The two-toned option allows the buyer to select color of the bottom half of the blade and the color of the top half of the blade. Black is available for some blades, but only as the bottom half of the blade. Clear is only available as the top half of the blade. For two-toned blades, you pay $10 for each color you select (excluding clear, which is free).

Ripper Blades Etsy Store Does Not Offer Two-Toned Option
The Ripper Blades Etsy store options are more limited than the Ripper Blades website. The Ripper Blades Etsy store only offers Clear or Solid Color acrylic blade options (two-toned is not available). If you purchase a Ripper Blades Guess What Box on Etsy, it’s possible you could receive a two-toned blade.

Not All Ripper Blades Acrylic Blades Offer Color Options
A few flat acrylic Ripper Blades styles do not offer color options at all. Ripper Blades that are labeled ‘Black’ in the title only come in black. Also Galaxy Ripper Blades, which are intended to look like the night sky, do not offer color options.

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Ripper Blades website
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