What is a Mystery Box? | Lightsaber Terminology

A Mystery Box is a custom lightsaber or lightsaber accessory that a buyer purchases without knowing which model they will get. In other words, the lightsaber will be a surprise when the buyer opens the box.

A lightsaber related Mystery Box typically contains ONE item per Mystery Box (unless otherwise specified). Custom saber company giants Ultrasabers and Saberforge both sell Mystery Box Sabers. Instead of using the term ‘Mystery Box’, some companies employ similar terms including: Grab Bag, Guess What Box, Mystery Bag, etc. Whatever the term, some aspect of the received item will be a surprise to the buyer.

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Ordering a Mystery Box Lightsaber

A lightsaber Mystery Box may particularly appeal to new lightsaber enthusiasts, who are still learning about lightsaber terminology and features, and may not know exactly what they want. A Mystery Box simplifies and streamlines an otherwise complex and potentially overwhelming lightsaber buying decision making process.

Although many Mystery Box buyers receive a product valued at a similar price to what they paid, the Mystery Box concept provides the buyer with the hope of ‘winning’ a lightsaber that’s much more valuable than what they paid.

Each custom saber company sets its own rules and guidelines for Mystery Boxes. Local laws and restrictions may also affect Mystery Box sales as well. A Mystery Box typically meets or exceeds the value of the price paid by the buyer. Some custom saber companies use the Mystery Box concept in order to sell ‘left over’ demo lightsabers and blades from fan conventions. Mystery Box Sabers are often sold as off-the-shelf or ready-to-ship items, but the actual shipping speed may vary from company to company.

Criticism of Mystery Box Lightsabers

The Mystery Box concept may be criticized as a form of covert gambling. Like gambling, purchasing a Mystery Box requires buyer to play a game where they ‘wager’ money on an uncertain outcome, hoping to ‘win’ a prize of substantial value. Additionally, many custom saber companies selling Mystery Boxes also lack transparency regarding the odds of ‘winning’ a high value lightsaber. The lack of transparency may nudge buyers into overestimating the likelihood of ‘winning’ an expensive prize.


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COVER IMAGE Saberforge Mystery Box (left), Ripper Blades Guess What Box (middle), Ultrasabers Mystery Box (right) [images belong to their respective companies]

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