Outer Rim Sabers First Order 3D Printed Saber Stand full review

This is a First Order 3D Printed Saber Stand from Etsy seller Outer Rim Sabers [AFFILIATE LINK]. As a disclaimer, Outer Rim Sabers sent be this stand for free in order to review. Outer Rim Sabers has several style of the 3D printed lightsaber stands in their store right now. The First Order stand is one of their newer designs.

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The high-surface area stand features a large First Order logo on the bottom.  Outer Rim Sabers offers three color options for their stands: solid black, dry-brush silver and dry-brush gold. The stand featured in the review is dry-brush silver. The dry-brush silver and dry-brush gold give the plastic stand more of a tarnished metal appearance that could complement weathered hilts.

What I really like about the stand is the large surface area on the bottom, which makes the stand stable and secure. The large, bold, central First Order logo is also an attractive feature. Since the logo is in the middle of the stand, part of the logo is covered up when a lightsaber hilt is put onto it.

Outer Rim Sabers First Order 3D Printed Saber Stand with Saberforge Prodigal Son hilt

The stand is 9 inches long and 3.6 inches wide (at the widest part). The two brackets that hold the same are 1.32 inches. The distance between the two brackets is 5.15 inches.

Although the stand will accommodate a variety of hilt sizes and styles, you’ll want to measure your hilt and make sure your specific hilt works with the stand in advance. Some of the larger diameter Ultrasabers hilts may not rest comfortably on the hilt brackets. Many standard sized hilts work well with the stand, however.

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