Saberforge The Count Lightsaber Hilt Review | Curved-Hilt Lightsaber

Saberforge The Count is a custom Count Dooku style, curved-hilt lightsaber manufactured by Saberforge. The hilt features a polished nickel chrome plating that covers most of the surface area of the hilt along with some black, gold, red and silver colored accents. The hilt features a standard blade socket and is designed to accommodate a 1 inch diameter blade.

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The Count’s characteristic, solitary claw juts out of the emitter section of the hilt. The claw has a spine that runs down the length of most of the body of the hilt, attaching to the body of the hilt with a series of button head screws. The claw can be removed from hilt.

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The hilt’s diamond knurled grip section is comprised of anodized black aluminum, instead of a black, rubbery section. The curved section of the hilt has a brushed silver finish. An section below the curve in the hilt features a second anodized black aluminum section with a diamond knurling texture as well.

Some of the most attractive greeblies (surface details) of the hilt are the two faux switches: the anodized gold colored faux switch near the blade socket and the anodized red, trigger style faux switch near the pommel. The red trigger switch in particular adds a welcomed burst of color to an otherwise mostly black and silver colored lightsaber hilt (several other Prequel Trilogy style lightsaber hilts use red switches as well).

The Count hilt can break apart into three main pieces: the body, the ‘elbow’ (i.e. curved section) and the pommel (end cap). The top of the curved section is threaded and screws into the upper body of the hilt. Unlike many other lightsabers, the pommel is NOT threaded and instead slides over the bottom of the curved section and is secured with a button head screw on either side. The hilt features a black Covertec wheel near the bottom.

Due to popular demand, The Count often sells out and may go out of stock for months at a time.

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