What is a dust cap for a lightsaber blade? | Lightsaber Terminology

A lightsaber dust cap is a PVC vinyl end cap that covers the open end of a lightsaber blade when the blade is removed from the hilt. A dust cap is flexible, rubber-like, and fits snugly onto the end of a polycarbonate lightsaber blade.

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Functions of a Dust Cap

One function of a dust cap is to prevent dust, moisture or other debris from entering a lightsaber blade. Dust on the inside of the blade is unsightly, especially when the blade is illuminated. Preventing dust from entering the blade is much easier than trying to clean the inside of the blade. Dust caps also help prevent unglued blade diffusion film from falling out of the blade when the blade is removed from the hilt.

Where to Find Dust Caps

Some custom saber companies, like Ultrasabers and Vader’s Vault, often sell dust caps in their accessories section for around $2. If you’re considering purchasing at least 5 or 10 dust caps, you may be able to find less expensive dust caps on Amazon [AFFILIATE LINK] or on other websites.

Other Names for a Dust Cap

Different custom saber companies call dust caps different things. Although lightsaber enthusiasts most commonly call the piece a dust cap, the piece is sometimes called a round cap, a blade cap or an end cap. Outside of the custom saber community, the piece is often referred to a vinyl PVC end cap.

Dust Cap Sizing

Make sure you get the proper diameter dust cap for your blade. Most lightsaber blades are 1 inch in diameter and would require a 1 inch diameter dust cap.

Dust Cap Colors

Black is by far the most common color for lightsaber dust blades. Sometimes other colors like red are available as well.

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