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The Custom Saber Shop Light-Up Lightsaber Keychain Promo Full review

Here’s a cute little light-up lightsaber keychain that I received from The Custom Saber Shop. This is a promotional item–it’s not for sale in The Custom Saber Shop’s store (at least, not at the moment). The keychain is a piece of swag, featuring a logo for The Custom Saber Shop along with their website. It’s a fun little tchotchke. The keychain is 4.5 inches long (the plastic blade portion is 3 inches long). It weighs only 0.6 ounces, so it’s very light!

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Something I like about the lightsaber keychain is it looks like a lightsaber even when it’s not illuminated. The blade section has a red core comprised of a series of small red cylinders that extend from end to end. The red core makes the lightsaber still look like a lightsaber with a red blade, even when it’s not turned on.

The Custom Saber Shop light-up lightsaber keychain promo

Like all lightsabers, this lightsaber keychain looks cooler when you turn it on. The red blade looks a little more orange on camera than it does in real life. They keychain is a stunt saber (ha!), so you do need to add your own sounds. You can spin the keyring part around on your finger. You could also use it as a tiny light source in the dark.

Some SaberSourcing YouTube viewers indicated that they received a similar light-up lightsaber keychain as part of The Custom Saber Shop’s Trick or Treat promotion for October 2018.

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