Do Saberforge Initiate Tier lightsabers include a blade?

Do Saberforge Initiate Tier lightsabers include a blade? Initiate Tier is the Saberforge term for an empty hilt without electronics of anything on the inside. Empty hilts are just meant to be display pieces or intended for the end user to install their own electronics in the the. Saberforge Initiate Tier lightsaber DO NOT include a blade. Only the hilt is included.

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Keep in mind if you’re considering purchasing something from Saberforge, the default price on most Saberforge lightsabers is for an Initiate Tier (Empty Hilt). That means if you’d like to add electronics onto your Saberforge order, the price will rise quite a bit. The only exception is the Saberforge Youngling Sabers. Youngling Sabers are ONLY sold as complete, functional sabers. Saberforge does not offer an Initiate Tier option for Youngling Sabers.

Like Saberforge, most other custom saber companies DO NOT include a blade with empty hilts. A blade is commonly not included with empty hilts for several reasons. Packages  are much lighter and cheaper to ship the hilt without a blade. Removing the blade also cuts down on materials costs. Also, since an empty hilt is non-functional, it’s unlikely the buyer with duel with the lightsaber (at least not until they install the electronics). Some buyers strongly prefer blade made by certain companies. Other buyers would want to make their own blade.

Although Saberforge Initate Tier lightsabers don’t include a blade, Initiate Tier lightsabers (excluding Thin Neck Sabers) do include a blade plug (at least as of 10/24/2018). The blade plug is random, so you can’t select the design yourself. Thin neck sabers don’t include a blade plug because they are not compatible with blade plugs.

You can easily add a blade to a Saberforge Initiate Tier order. Saberforge sells blades separately in the ‘Saber Accessories’ section. You could also select a compatible blade from another custom saber company or elect to make your own blade.

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