What is a hex key? | Lightsaber Terminology

A hex key, sometimes called a hex wrench or Allen wrench, is a simple tool used to tighten or loosen bolts and screws with a hexagon shaped socket. Commonly made of steel, the hex key is typically formed into a bent “L” shape with a long arm and a short arm. Custom lightsabers often require … Read more

What is a lightsaber blade retention screw? | Lightsaber Terminology

lightsaber blade retention screw

A lightsaber blade retention screw is a tiny screw that allows you to attach and remove a lightsaber blade to a lightsaber hilt. Blade retention screws can come in several different styles and lengths. One of the most common blade retention screw sizes is 8-32 (in various styles and lengths). Watch What is a lightsaber blade … Read more