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One Replicas, a United Kingdom based etsy seller, manufactures an SSQY Anodized Gold Super Stunt Saber Empty Hilt. One Replicas produces the model in several different colors including: gold, orange, silver, black, and ‘canon’ (i.e. black and silver version). A viewer commented in a previous video that this hilt could be converted into an Iron Man lightsaber. Great idea!

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All of the SSQY Super Stunt Sabers are a slimmed down hilt inspired by the Qui-Gon Jinn lightsaber from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. The smaller diameter of the hilt is more user friendly and makes the hilt easier to use during dueling. Traditionally, the Qui-Gon Jinn lightsaber hilt is a bit large, cumbersome, and difficult to maneuver. The slimmed down version is easier to wield. One Replicas also produces a slimmed down version of the Graflex lightsaber hilt.

One Replicas SSQY is a two piece hilt comprised of the lightsaber body and the removable pommel. (I’m not aware of the pommel threading being compatible with any other saber companies). The hilt features an anodized gold colored finish (One Replicas offers other finishes as well).

One Replicas SSQY features three tapped retention screw holes on the rear of the saber and that are are M3x0.5mm tapped holes. There’s also a 25 millimeter inside diameter so that’s this space you have to work with. Finally, it’s an M12X0.75mm tapped hole for the switch (One Replicas does sell compatible switches in their store).

SSQY is a nice light hilt, very maneuverable and was slimmed down specifically with stunt saber maneuvers in mind.

One Replicas (Etsy) affiliate link

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What do you think about the appearance or function of the ‘slimmed down’ SSQY lightsaber hilt? Would you purchase a ‘slimmed down’ lightsaber hilt?

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