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Roman Props Flashgun 7 Converted and Battle Worn is a beautiful, Graflex-style lightsaber hilt. Roman Props sells several different configurations of Graflex-style lightsabers. Flashgun 7 is inspired by the Episode VII: The Force Awakens Skywalker lightsaber hilt. Roman Props also sells: Flashgun 4, Flashgun 5, Flashgun 6 and Flashgun 8.

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The lightsaber hilt arrives assembled, making the hilt a cool display piece right out of the box. It’s a working flashgun, meaning that the buttons like the glass eye button and red button are actually functional. The Flashgun 7 hilt does not feature the Graflex logo on the clamp. The T-track grips are the shorter grip style. The pommel features the D-ring.

The hilt features some minor defects, which is why Roman Props calls the hilt ‘battle worn’. The hilt I received arrived in excellent condition with negligible defects. Roman Props likely states the hilt has minor defects to play it safe so that people are not disappointed with minor marks here and there.

Roman Props is known for producing some of the most screen accurate lightsaber hilts on the market. The hilt, which is closely modeled after an actual Graflex flashgun, is hollow and can accommodate electronics installs.

The Roman Props Flashgun 7 is an attractive and well put together hilt that’s ready for display right out of the box.

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