Ripper Blades Launches Most Realistic Black Lightsaber Blades Yet: Black Onyx Collection | New Product Alert

Ripper Blades has launched the Black Onyx Collection, a new product line of custom Darksaber style flat acrylic blades. The realistic custom lightsaber blades featuring a bold and defined black center with a crisp edge.

sdalton256 Ectoplasm Flat Acrylic Lightsaber Blade Full Review Sactown Steve

sdalton256 Ectoplasm Flat Acrylic lightsaber blade

The colorful sdalton256 Ectoplasm Flat Acrylic Lightsaber Blade [affiliate link] features one curved side and one side with a wave-like pattern of a few crests and peaks. The two sides join together in a point on the top end of the blade and connect to the cylindrical tang (or stem) at the base of the … Read more

Kyberlight Lightsaber Blades: What You Should Know

Kyberlight lightsaber blades

Custom saber company Kyberlight, based in the United States, makes four different types of lightsaber blades: Kyberlight Blade (Standard), Kyberlight Day Blade, Kyberlight Crackle Blade, and Kyberlight Flat Acrylic Blade. Let’s examine each type of blade. Kyberlight BladeThe Kyberlight Blade is the standard cylindrical, white proprietary plastic lightsaber blade. The blade, which is 1 inch … Read more

sdalton256 Flat Acrylic Lightsaber Blade Dragons Breath Full Review | Sactown Sabers

sdalton256 Sactown Steve flat acrylic blade Dragon's Breath

This is a flat acrylic lightsaber blade by eBay seller sdalton256 and he’s also on Facebook as Sactown Sabers. This is the very first flat acrylic lightsaber blade that I purchased. I got it on eBay from sdalton256. Sdalton256 is a hobbyist that makes one-off, artisan acrylic lightsaber blades. He named my blade Dragon’s Breath. The … Read more

What is a blade cover? | Lightsaber Terminology

CosplayCovers flame day blade covers

A blade cover is a supplemental, decorative lightsaber accessory that slides over a standard, cylindrical lightsaber blade. Here are some Flame Day Blade Covers from Etsy seller CosplayCover [AFFILIATE LINK]. Full disclosure, Cosplay Covers did send me these blade covers for free to review. Watch What is a blade cover? (Lightsaber Terminology) on YouTube Blade … Read more

What is a show blade? | Lightsaber Terminology

Show blades for lightsabers

A show blade is a lightsaber blade intended for ‘show’ only and not for heavy dueling. Show blades are intended for display, spinning, and looking awesome. Show blades are NOT duel worthy because part of the blade could be damaged or destroyed during heavy dueling. Watch What is a show blade? (lightsaber terminology) on YouTube  … Read more