The Problem with “Duel Worthy” Lightsabers

“Is a lightsaber duel worthy?” That’s one of the MOST COMMON questions people ask the lightsaber community, especially when someone is considering purchasing a first lightsaber or simply a new lightsaber. The problem with the question is it’s asking for a binary answer of “Yes, the lightsaber is duel worthy” or “No, the lightsaber is … Read more

Kyberlight Lightsaber Blades: What You Should Know

Kyberlight lightsaber blades

Custom saber company Kyberlight, based in the United States, makes four different types of lightsaber blades: Kyberlight Blade (Standard), Kyberlight Day Blade, Kyberlight Crackle Blade, and Kyberlight Flat Acrylic Blade. Let’s examine each type of blade. Kyberlight BladeThe Kyberlight Blade is the standard cylindrical, white proprietary plastic lightsaber blade. The blade, which is 1 inch … Read more

Ultrasabers Midgrade vs Heavy Grade Lightsaber Blade Comparison

Ultrasabers midgrade and heavy grade blade

Ultrasabers is a pretty common and affordable source for purchasing 1 inch diameter lightsaber blades. The company offers two blade thicknesses: Midgrade and Heavy Grade. The two main differences between Ultrasabers Midgrade Blades and Heavy Grade Blades are lightsaber blade durability and brightness. All Ultrasabers lightsaber blades are made out of: a polycarbonate tube, blade … Read more

Duel Worthy Lightsabers: The Complete Guide to Dueling Lightsabers

lightsaber from various custom saber companies

What makes a lightsaber ‘duel worthy’? A duel worthy lightsaber is a lightsaber that you can use in full contact sparring. Full contact lightsaber sparring is pretty rigorous and demanding. Any dueling lightsaber (i.e. battle ready lightsaber) needs to be both durable and safe if you are going to use it for full contact. Here’s … Read more