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This is a flat acrylic lightsaber blade by eBay seller sdalton256 and he’s also on Facebook as Sactown Sabers. This is the very first flat acrylic lightsaber blade that I purchased. I got it on eBay from sdalton256.

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Sdalton256 is a hobbyist that makes one-off, artisan acrylic lightsaber blades. He named my blade Dragon’s Breath. The bladed features a notched or toothed design on one edge and the blade flares out at the end. The tip and the corners on the blade are a bit pointy, so be careful. The light catches winding, jagged lines the weave through the center of the blade, creating a cool lightning effect. As with many other flat acrylic blades, the light attractively illuminates the blade’s edges as well.

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Dragon’s Breath is about 18 inches long and is designed for lightsabers that accommodate 1 inch diameter blades. The cylindrical blade stem, which is just under 2 inches long, allows the lightsaber hilt’s blade retention screw to hold the blade in place. Dragon’s Breath is a show blade only and is NOT a duel worthy lightsaber blade due to the brittleness of the acrylic material and the sharp corners.

Sdalton256 said he was inspired to design and craft flat acrylic lightsaber blades from Gary Ripper of Ripper Blades, the company that pioneered flat acrylic lightsaber blades. Sactown Sabers also states that “[Gary Ripper] graciously gave me his blessing to make them because I put my own spin in designing them” (Source: YouTube video comments section; retrieved 8/1/2018).

Since each flat acrylic blade is handcrafted and sdalton256 treats lightsaber blade making primarily as a hobby, his blade inventory and selection vary and sometimes may be out of stock altogether.

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