Saber Scroll Tri Guard Retractable Lightsaber

Saber Scroll Develops Tri-Guard Retractable Lightsaber | New Technology

A lightsaber enthusiast that goes by the name Saber Scroll on YouTube is developing a new technology that he calls a Tri-Guard Retractable Lightsaber. Saber fans have been wanting retractable lightsabers for years, but currently, many of the major custom saber manufactures use a solid lightsaber blade that can be attached and removed from the lightsaber hilt.

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Watch Saber Scroll Develops Tri-Guard Retractable Lightsaber (New Saber Technology) on YouTube

A blade that scrolls out of the hilt, like the proposed Tri-Guard Retractable Lightsaber (in beta testing), would have the potential to increase the screen accuracy of a lightsaber. A retractable blade could also be more convenient to use than the current standard solid blades, which often require a hex wrench to install or remove the blade.

The concept of a retractable lightsaber blade is far from a new idea. Many low-tech, inexpensive lightsaber toys, like lightsabers in the Star Wars Hasbro Bladebuilders line, use retractable telescoping lightsaber blades. The existing telescoping blades are made up of multiple plastic sections. The dividing lines between the lightsaber blade sections are an eyesore and create weak spots in the blade. Due to the structural weakness and ugliness of the telescoping lightsaber blade’s sections, none of the major custom saber manufacturers use telescoping lightsaber blades.

Saber Scroll has stated that he intends to ultimately produce both a show blade and a duel worthy blade. Developing a scrolling lightsaber blade of ANY kind, let alone one strong enough for dueling, is a lofty goal indeed. It will be interesting to follow Saber Scroll’s progress.

Watch the Tri-Guard Retractable Lightsaber video (by YouTuber Saber Scroll)

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