What is a retractable lightsaber? | Lightsaber Terminology

retractable lightsaber

A retractable lightsaber, sometimes called an extendable lightsaber, is a lightsaber equipped with a blade that extends from and retracts into a lightsaber hilt. A retractable lightsaber mimics the scrolling effect (i.e. the extension and retraction) of the lightsabers depicted onscreen in the Star Wars movies and media. Retractable Lightsaber Toys and Costume AccessoriesMost retractable lightsabers are inexpensive … Read more

Saber Scroll Develops Tri-Guard Retractable Lightsaber | New Technology

Saber Scroll Tri Guard Retractable Lightsaber

A lightsaber enthusiast that goes by the name Saber Scroll on YouTube is developing a new technology that he calls a Tri-Guard Retractable Lightsaber. Saber fans have been wanting retractable lightsabers for years, but currently, many of the major custom saber manufactures use a solid lightsaber blade that can be attached and removed from the … Read more