Lightsaber Dagger Explained | Lightsaber Terminology

Lightsaber dagger (vibrodagger)

A lightsaber dagger, or a light dagger, is short-hilted and short-bladed variation of a lightsaber. A lightsaber dagger is not part of Star Wars Canon or Star Wars Legends. Inspired by the real world close combat weapon, a lightsaber dagger is a stealthy, close range thrusting or stabbing weapon. Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate product … Read more

LToyCreations Offers Intriguing Light-up Mandalorian Knife Vibrodagger

LToyCreations custom vibrodagger

Etsy seller LToyCreations [AFFILIATE LINK] is one the few sellers that offers a Mandalorian-style Vibrodagger or Vibroblade that lights up. The vibrodagger, which is comprised of a 3D printed plastic handle and a flat acrylic blade, contains a blue, red, green or white LED that illuminates the flat acrylic blade. The LED is powered by … Read more