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A lightsaber dagger, or a light dagger, is short-hilted and short-bladed variation of a lightsaber. A lightsaber dagger is not part of Star Wars Canon or Star Wars Legends. Inspired by the real world close combat weapon, a lightsaber dagger is a stealthy, close range thrusting or stabbing weapon.

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LToyCreations makes a custom Mandalorian Knife (Vibrodagger) similar to a lightsaber dagger.

What is a Lightsaber Dagger?

The lightsaber dagger is a stealthy and sinister weapon designed for close range stabbing and slashing attacks. The weapon favors attack over defense. The ‘light dagger’ uses a short handle and emits a shorter-than-average lightsaber blade. A lightsaber dagger is a fitting weapon for disreputable, secretive and unsavory characters like Sith Lords, dark side Force users, Mandalorians, assassins, bounty hunters, etc.

A shoto lightsaber is close cousin to a lightsaber dagger. A shoto lightsaber, which is a Canon lightsaber variation, is a “short sword” style lightsaber featuring a shorter hilt and shorter blade than a standard lightsaber. Yoda wields a shoto lightsaber. Ahsoka Tano is an additional wielder of a shoto lightsaber. She wields the short-bladed weapon as an off-hand lightsaber.

Lightsaber Dagger in Real Life

The lightsaber dagger does not appear in Star Wars Canon or in Star Wars Legends. Star Wars BladeBuilders, Hasbro’s mix-and-match toy lightsaber building system, enables users to construct unusual and unconventional lightsaber designs. Builders may construct many outlandish designs including designs similar to a lightsaber dagger.

List of Custom Lightsaber Dagger Makers

These sellers make custom props similar to lightsaber daggers.
AGConstruxDesign (Etsy) United States light-up LED vibrodagger
LToyCreations (Etsy) United States light-up LED vibrodagger
Ripper Blades (Etsy) United States flat acrylic lightsaber blades (some are short)
Ripper Clones (Etsy) United States flat acrylic lightsaber blades (some are short)

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