Why doesn’t the lightsaber blade fit in the hilt? | Troubleshooting 101

full size lightsaber blade

Sometimes a new lightsaber blade simply doesn’t seem fit in the lightsaber hilt. What gives? First of all, if a blade doesn’t  fit, don’t try to force the blade into the hilt. The blade might get stuck. A stuck lightsaber blade is a much worse problem than a blade that doesn’t fit in the hilt. Here … Read more

Are Ultrasabers lightsaber blades and blade plugs compatible with other custom sabers companies?

Ultrasabers lightsaber blade plug

In theory, Ultrasabers blades and blade plugs should work with ANY lightsaber hilt designed for a 1 inch diameter blade. Ultrasabers blades and blade plugs are listed as measuring 1 inch in diameter, after all. In reality, some Ultrasabers blades and blade plugs don’t fit due to a slight variation in diameter. Ultrasabers quality control … Read more