Why people hate Ultrasabers: What you should know

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  1. Alex Offermann says:

    Ultra Sabers are the worst. We ordered last year and our order was months late. We tried to reach out via e-mail and phone over and over again, with no response. We made the mistake of telling our 6 y/o son they were coming on the date they were promised, but that date came, went, and there was no word. Literally, every day our son would wake up, run to the front door to see if the sabers had arrived. We really should have given up and contacted our credit card company but we stuck with it because our son was so excited. So finally, many weeks late and with no communication, the order arrived with an apology and a 20% off on any new orders. Our 6 y/o son was REALLY enjoying fencing with me using his saber – we bought fencing gear so we could fight full speed – I studied abroad in Japan as a teenager where I took Kendo, so I began training him on the basics. The neighborhood kids took notice, so I bought two more sabers for his birthday (which was coming up months later knowing it would take months for the order to actually arrive – also, the first sabers we bought accidentally didn’t have sound, and e-mails to Ultra Sabers about getting them upgraded went completely unanswered, so I knew the new ones would blow our son’s mind) so we could include other kids in the neighborhood. Shortly thereafter the Pandemic arrived along with a significantly reduced salary. We reached out explaining our situation, and to ask for a refund, but they said they would only do a refund with a 20% restocking fee. We pointed out that the sabers were literally months out from even being produced and that perhaps they could just count the 20% coupon they gave us for our first terrible order as that 20% fee. The response, we are going to cancel your order with the 20% penalty. We said, wait! What about not penalizing us given that we are clearly months away from getting the sabers so a restocking fee doesn’t make sense, or what about counting our 20% discount for promised not kept previously towards that fee (nullifying it), or at the very least, could you just be kind given the epidemic? We would have been grateful and would certainly have purchased sabers again once this passes and our son could even play with the neighbors again! Again, we waited for weeks for a response, but there was neither a refund nor any communication from them. Finally, when our company literally closed down our office, we had to reached out to ask what was going on? Again we asked if they could refund the full amount giving us credit, or, if they had produced the sabers already, to please ship them to a new address (since the office address would not work anymore)… and the only response? Tonight our money was refunded with a 20% penalty with no other communication. These guys are the worst.

  2. blabla says:

    none of these things concern me.
    first of all you can never get a grab bag saber lower than $75. all of the sabers sent are $75+. however, you can get a bad deal with the grab bag sabers.

    • Saber Sourcing says:

      Hi, thanks for commenting! To clarify, Ultrasabers Grab Bag Sabers are currently $70 and Mystery Box Sabers are $75. A few years ago I received a Grab Bag Saber low
      er in value than what I paid. I can neither confirm nor deny whether this still occurs with Grab Bag Sabers. Ultrasabers states that Mystery Box Sabers have a guaranteed value of at least $75.

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