Why people hate Ultrasabers: What you should know

Ultrasabers is a very popular and profitable custom saber company, but they’re not without some controversies. Let’s talk about some of the reasons that people hate Ultrasabers. There are plenty of reasons that people love Ultrasabers as well and I’d love to hear about things you like and things you don’t like about Ultrasabers in the comments section (please, let’s keep the language clean and keep things civil).

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Ultrasabers’ Customer Service: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
Ultrasabers customer service seems very hit-or-miss, based on my own experience and also based on experiences I seen on YouTube, reddit, and lightsaber forums.
I’d recommend this with any United States based company, see if the saber company has a Better Business Bureau (BBB) page because that’s where you’ll see a variety of customer complaints. Consider that BBB reviews often skew negative, because many people only take the time to write a review their if they’ve had a bad experience. BBB reviews are still worth reading and can provide valuable insight into any company’s customer service. By contrast, the reviews on the Ultrasabers website are mostly glowingly positive so it’s nice to look at both the good and bad experiences of others before buying.

There’s also a pretty popular reddit topic from December 2017 called “Ultrasabers demands positive review or won’t give customs paid for product”. I’m not going to get into all of the details here, but you can check out the customer’s experience and see how both the customs and Ultrasabers handled the situation and how outside observers reacted to the situation as well.

In my own experience, Ultrasabers has courteously and promptly replied to my questions, often within a few days (they were slower to respond during the holiday season). Ultrasabers also promptly shipped an item that was missing from my order.

Although Ultrasabers has typically responded to my inquiries in a prompt, professional manner, I do not agree with some of Ultrasabers’ answers and ‘solutions’ to problems. For example, I received a damaged Prophecy V3, mailed it back for repairs (at Ultrasabers’ expense) and then Ultrasabers mailed me an entirely different hilt model of a much lesser value without any warning. Additionally, after I received a Grab Bag Saber worth $5 less than what I paid, Ultrasabers politely informed me that Grab Bag Sabers had no guaranteed value.

Ultrasabers’ unfavorable return policy and 20% restocking fee
Ultrasabers offers a very short return policy: only 3 days (Saberforge, by comparison offers a 15 day return policy). Many other companies offer a two week or one month return policy.

If you do return the saber OR if even if you decide to cancel your order before it ships, then you will incur a 20% restocking fee. A restocking fee is somewhat common, but charging a restocking fee for an order that hasn’t shipped is much less common. In other words, if you place an order for $100 from Ultrasabers and cancel your order 1 minute later, you lose $20.

Ultrasabers’ unprotected wiring and internals
Moving on to the sabers themselves, some people don’t like the internals of Ultrasabers lightsabers. Unlike many other saber companies, Ultrasabers does not use a protective chassis on the side to prevent the wires, battery pack, and LED module from rattling around (i.e. saber rattle). Over time, loose internal components of the saber may wear down or break due to the lack of protection.

Ultrasabers’ lightsaber add-ons and upgrades
Certain lightsaber features that come standard with many other lightsaber companies DO NOT come standard on many Ultrasabers lightsaber hilts. So although many Ultrasabers hilts may initially seem inexpensive and affordable, adding upgrades to your saber will quickly inflate the price. Many Ultrasabers hilts DO NOT come standard with a Covertec wheel (extra $15) or an AV switch (extra $15). That means an “inexpensive” $65 Ultrasabers stunt saber, like a Initiate V4, would actually cost $95 with an added Covertec wheel and AV switch. Although most of the budget Ultrasabers lightsaber don’t include a Covertec wheel, many of the mid range to higher end Ultrasabers lightsabers do include a Covertec wheel.

Additionally, all Ultrasabers Initiate and Apprentice lightsabers include a 24 inch blade by default (considered shorter than full size). Upgrading to a full size 32 or 36 inch blade costs and additional $10 for Initiate and Apprentice models.

Lack of transparency with Mystery Box Saber and Grab Bag Sabers odds
Ultrasabers DOES NOT disclose the odds of getting any given lightsaber as a Grab Bag Saber or a Mystery Box Saber,  which means that we don’t know how many people are ‘winning’ higher end sabers versus receiving lower end sabers.

Although Ultrasabers guarantees that customers will receive a Mystery Box meeting or exceeding the price that the customer paid, Ultrasabers states that Grab Bag Sabers DO NOT have a guaranteed value. In fact, I have ‘lost’ money on a Grab Bag Saber (i.e. received a lightsaber lower in value than what I paid!).

Ultrasabers’ controversial price hike immediately preceding May 4th (Star Wars Day)
Immediately preceding May 4th, 2018 (Star Wars Day), Ultrasabers quietly increased prices on their sabers (by at least $5) and many accessories including: blade plugs ($3 increase), Covertec wheel install ($1 increase), saber stands ($1.50 increase). Star Wars Day traditionally features some of best lightsaber discounts of the year and big saber companies see big sales boosts. Increasing prices right before Star Wars Day as opposed to waiting a few days or weeks felt like poor timing.

SaberSourcing reader, Chris, wrote of the price increase, “[Ultrasabers’] timing certainly came across as pulling a nasty greed-driven fast one on their (loyal?) customer base.”

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What are some qualities that you hate (or love!) about Ultrasabers?


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