What is a lightsaber tonfa? | Lightsaber Terminology

lightsaber tonfa

A lightsaber tonfa, sometimes referred to as a guard shoto, is a perpendicular-gripped variation of a shoto lightsaber. A lightsaber tonfa uses a shorter-than-standard blade and a hilt comprised a long, main hilt section coupled with a short, perpendicular hilt extension. A lightsaber tonfa can be gripped on the main hilt section or on the smaller, perpendicular … Read more

Lightsaber Crutches: Star Wars Fan Peregrine Oxton Constructs Attention-Grabbing Mobility Aid [INTERVIEW]

lightsaber crutches

Star Wars fan and lightsaber enthusiast Peregrine Oxton has constructed a pair of functional, attention-grabbing lightsaber crutches out of Ultrasabers Brood Guard LE lightsabers. SaberSourcing interviewed her about the project. How did you decide to build lightsaber crutches?I decided to build my lightsaber crutches because as a twenty-year-old with a non-obvious disability – Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome … Read more