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The Saberforge Stingray Wrap is one of the standard wrap options offered by Saberforge. The Stingray Wrap is made of synthetic leather. The majority of the standard Saberforge wraps, unless stated otherwise, are made from synthetic leather.

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Saberforge Copper Stingray Wrap | IMAGE CREDIT SaberSourcing

The Stingray Wrap boasts a bumpy texture that adds an earthy or naturey vibe to a lightsaber hilt. The surface resembles cobblestone, a dry desert floor, or an animal hide evoking the wilderness or the frontier.

The color selection of the Stingray Wrap is more limited than other standard wrap options. The three color options include: Copper Stingray Wrap (shown in this article), Black Stingray Wrap, and Cobolt Stingray Wrap.

Why does Saberforge offer a synthetic stingray wrap option? Japanese sword handles have historically used stingray leather. The rough and granular texture of the material would provide a comfortable grip.

Saberforge, based in the greater Portland, Oregon area, is one of the largest custom saber companies in the world.

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