Saberforge Stingray Wrap Explained | Lightsaber Wrap

The Saberforge Stingray Wrap is one of the standard wrap options offered by Saberforge. The Stingray Wrap is made of synthetic leather. The majority of the standard Saberforge wraps, unless stated otherwise, are made from synthetic leather. RELATED LIGHTSABER SELLERS affiliate links If you purchase an item through these links, I receive some money at … Read more

Saberforge Desert Warrior Lightsaber | New Saber Alert

Saberforge Desert Warrior lightsaber

Saberforge released the Desert Warrior lightsaber today. The custom saber is inspired by A’Sharad Hett lightsaber from Legends. Desert Warrior, which features a laser-etched leather wrap and two braided tassels with fangs, exudes rustic vibes of nature and the samurai warriors. The saber is an improved and updated version of Saberforge’s previous Desert Warrior lightsaber, … Read more