Darth Malora Lightsaber (SWTOR Lightsaber) | Lightsaber Profile

Darth Malora lightsaber

The Darth Malora lightsaber is a single-bladed red lightsaber wielded by Darth Malora. Darth Malora is an Old Republic era human female Sith Lord that serves the Resurgent Sith Empire. Originally the apprentice of Lord Renning, she ascends to the rank of Dark Lord of the Sith eventually serves on the Dark Council. Darth Malora … Read more

Saberforge Desert Warrior Lightsaber | New Saber Alert

Saberforge Desert Warrior lightsaber

Saberforge released the Desert Warrior lightsaber today. The custom saber is inspired by A’Sharad Hett lightsaber from Legends. Desert Warrior, which features a laser-etched leather wrap and two braided tassels with fangs, exudes rustic vibes of nature and the samurai warriors. The saber is an improved and updated version of Saberforge’s previous Desert Warrior lightsaber, … Read more