Saberforge Custom ASP Lightsaber Hilt ‘Vexidis 3’ | Weathered Finish

I’m calling this Saberforge custom ASP lightsaber hilt ‘Vexidis 3’. The Vexidis 3 lightsaber is assembled from mix-and-match Adaptive Saber Parts (ASP) components including: a Vengeance Emitter, and Exile switch section, a Dissident body, and an 03 Pommel.

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At 16 inches long, Vexidis is a particularly long ASP lightsaber hilt. The pieces feature a weathered finish in Saberforge’s signature tarnished silver, ‘tree-ring’ style. The Vengeance Emitter is one of the most complex emitters that Saberforge makes. The s-curve emitter features three horizontal, ‘shark gill’ windows on either side of the hilt and one long vertical slot on the longer side of the emitter. Below a shallow taper, a series of adorably short, T-track grips encircle the lower portion of the emitter. The grips are made of metal rather than rubber or plastic.

The Exile switch section’s metallic red greeblie adds a burst of color to an otherwise mostly silver and black hilt. Two u-shaped cutouts with thin grooves flank the front-facing switch holes on the hilt. The Dissident body section, one of the longest body sections offered by Saberforge, is dominated by a textured, Copper Stingray Wrap. The synthetic wrap adds texture along with a muted, rustic, earth tone color to the overall look of the hilt. The weathered Covertec wheel is situated at the bottom of the body.

Finally, the generically named “03 Pommel” features a slash cut shroud with a similar appearance to a slanted emitter. The slant of the pommel mirrors and complements the slant of the Vengeance emitter.

Saberforge is one of the largest custom saber companies in the world. The Saberforge Adaptive Saber Parts (ASP) system allows lightsaber enthusiasts to build a custom saber using mix-and-match parts.

Saberforge Etsy Store affiliate link

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