Ultrasabers Dark Sentinel LE V4 Stunt Saber full review lightsaber

This is an Ultrasabers Dark Sentinel LE V4. The lightsaber is in the stunt saber configuration (no sound) and features a Guardian Blue Blade. Dark Sentinel LE V4 is one of the more basic lightsabers that Ultrasabers sells. At 12.375 inches long, the lightsaber works well as a two-handed saber. The hilt is 4.5 inches in diameter.

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Ultrasabers Dark Sentinel LE V4 Stunt Saber full review lightsaber

Dark Sentinel LE V4 features two convenient choke points, one above the activation switch and one below. The choke points enhance the aesthetics of the hilt design and make it easier for the user to do lightsaber spinning.

This is the ‘LE’ version of the hilt. Aside from price, the only different between Dark Sentinel V4 and Dark Sentinel LE V4 is the LE version has added silver accent marks in the grooves in the grip area and the emitter area. The silver colored accents make the hilt ‘pop’ a little more than the all-black Dark Sentinel V4 hilt.

My Dark Sentinel LE V4 comes equipped with an AV switch. Many of the basic Ultrasabers hilts come standard with a guarded switch and an AV switch is considered an upgrade. The new Ultrasabers V5 line of lightsabers will all come standard with AV switches (the V5 line is expected to ship in November 2018).

The black AV switch on my lightsaber hilt gets camouflaged against the backdrop of the black hilt. If you’d like a higher contrast switch, Ultrasabers also offers a metallic silvered colored switch, which would complement the metallic silver accents marks on the Dark Sentinel LE V4 hilt. Ultrasabers also offers illuminated AV switches as an options upgrade for their sound sabers.

Like many Ultrasabers hilts, Dark Sentinel LE V4 uses an MHS compatible pommel. The pommel design is pretty basic. Ultrasabers offers other more ornate pommels as an upgrade. Since the pommel is MHS compatible, you could also select a pommel from The Custom Saber Shop’s MHS V1 section.

If you’re looking for a shorter version of a Dark Sentinel LE V4, the Apprentice V4 and Dark Apprentice V4 hilts are nearly the same design as the Sentinel hilts, just shorter and without one of the choke points.

Dark Sentinel LE V4 is a very common saber that people get as a Mystery Box Saber or Grab Bag Saber. Some Grab Bag Sabers and Mystery Box Sabers will also include upgrade features like windows in the emitter and AV switches.

Ultrasabers released a new V5 version of Dark Sentinel LE for preorder (expected to ship in November 2018). Dark Sentinel LE V5 is very similar in design to Dark Sentinel LE V4, but the new V5 hilt comes standard with windows in the emitter and an AV switch. The new V5 hilt also features a slightly different pommel design as well.

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