Ultrasabers Lightsaber Setup Types: Empty Hilt, Stunt Saber, Basic Sound, Premium Sound, Emerald, Diamond

Ultrasabers setup types

Let’s take a look at the different setup types or categories of Ultrasabers lightsabers including: Empty Hilts, Stunt Sabers, Basic Sound Sabers, Premium Sound Sabers, Emerald Sabers and Diamond Sabers. Ultrasabers Empty Hilt (DIY)An empty hilt is a lightsaber hilt that does not include electronics or a blade. Ultrasabers empty hilts have an empty hole … Read more

Hasbro Star Wars Force FX lightsaber vs Ultrasabers Custom Sound Saber

Ultrasabers Apprentice V4 vs Force FX lightsaber

Let’s compare a Hasbro Star Wars The Black Series Rey (Jedi Training) Force FX lightsaber to an Ultrasabers Apprentice V4 lightsaber with Obsidian Lite sound. I’m comparing the two lightsabers because they are similarly priced, depending on where and when you buy them, and commonly purchased as first lightsabers. RELATED SABER SELLERS affiliate linksIf you purchase … Read more