Ultrasabers Lightsaber Setup Types: Empty Hilt, Stunt Saber, Basic Sound, Premium Sound, Emerald, Diamond

Ultrasabers Guardian Empty Hilt
Ultrasabers Guardian Empty Hilt (with AV switch hole)

Let’s take a look at the different setup types or categories of Ultrasabers lightsabers including: Empty Hilts, Stunt Sabers, Basic Sound Sabers, Premium Sound Sabers, Emerald Sabers and Diamond Sabers.

Ultrasabers Empty Hilt (DIY)
An empty hilt is a lightsaber hilt that does not include electronics or a blade. Ultrasabers empty hilts have an empty hole for the emitter button. Some Ultrasabers hilts offer an option to choose either an AV switch hole or a guarded switch hole. Other times, the AV switch hole is the only option.

Ultrasabers Stunt Saber (No Sound)
Ultrasabers stunt sabers light up, but do not have sound. Stunt sabers can use either a single diode LED or a brighter TRI-CREE LED (upgrade feature). Stunt Sabers run on the Standard Setup battery configuration (i.e. 3 AAA batteries). A Li-Ion battery upgrade is not available. All stunt sabers include a blade (although Grab Bag Sabers allow the user to remove the blade from the order).

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Ultrasabers Basic Sound (Obsidian Lite)
Basic Sound, which is sometimes referred to as Obsidian Lite sound, is an inexpensive, but non-customizable sound saber option. Obsidian Lite lightsabers use the proprietary Ultrasabers Obsidians soundboard, but lightsaber enthusiasts are unable to modify the options or change the sound font. Obsidian Lite lightsabers run on the Standard Setup battery configuration (i.e. 3 AAA batteries). A Li-Ion battery upgrade is not available. All Basic Sound sabers include a blade.

Ultrasabers Premium Sound (Obsidian)
Unlike Obsidian Lite lightsabers, Ultrasabers Premium Sound lightsabers have customizing options. The user may change the sound font and hardware parameters. The user may also upgrade to the Li-Ion battery configuration. All Premium Sound sabers include a blade.

Express Checkout
Express Checkout highly simplifies the the checkout process, giving the user three pre-configured options: stunt setup, basic sound setup or premium sound setup. Some sabers also include a pre-configured Emerald Driver option. The user also selects the blade color. Includes a blade.

LIMITLESS SABERS (Emerald and Diamond Sabers)
Ultrasabers Emerald Saber (No Sound)
Emerald Sabers, which are equipped with the Emerald Driver, allow the user to highly customize the appearance of the lightsaber blade by mixing and matching LED colors from 4 individual color channels. Emerald Sabers include a pulse mode, allowing the user to ‘pulse’ between two different colors. The Flash on Clash effect is also available with any color combination. Consider that although the user selects one single default blade color, Flash on Clash color, and pulse mode color during checkout, the user will be able to change these colors later, if they’d like. Emerald Sabers use the Li-Ion battery configuration. All Emerald Sabers include a blade.

Ultrasabers Emerald Saber (with Sound)
In addition to the features and benefits of Emerald Sabers without sound, Emerald Sabers with sound allow the user to control the time and duration of Flash on Clash as well as the number of times the lightsaber flashes on clash. All Emerald Sabers include a blade.

Ultrasabers Diamond Saber
Diamond Sabers are the most advanced and most customizable lightsabers offered by Ultrasabers. Ultrasabers Diamond Sabers allow the user to create and recognize gestures. All Diamond Sabers include sound. Can hold and cycle through up to 10 sound fonts with up to 15 sounds. Like Emerald Sabers, Diamond Sabers includes 4 color channels allowing the user to mix and match the blade color. Can adjust the time and duration of all effects (not just Flash on Clash). Diamond Sabers use the Li-Ion battery configuration. All Diamond Sabers are sound sabers and include a blade.

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