Lightsaber Keychain Collection Tour ($2 to $8 each)

Here’s my current lightsaber keychain so far, in order from left to right in the photo. All of them are custom or unlicensed lightsaber keychains.

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Etsy custom sabers, stands, accessories
Entertainment Earth Hasbro Force FX Lightsabers and Black Series Helmets
Amazon Hasbro Darth Vader Force FX Elite Lightsaber

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Disney Unveils Stellan Gios Legacy Lightsaber | New Saber Alert

Watch Lightsaber Keychain Collection Tour ($2 to $8 each) on YouTube

Luke ROTJ style lightsaber keychain bottle opener 
Lightsaber keychains on eBay [AFFILIATE LINK]
This is an unlicensed product that I purchased on eBay. There are a bunch of these on eBay and they’re also available on AliExpress and Alibaba in bulk quantities. The lightsaber keychain is made out of metal and I paid only a a few dollars for it on eBay.

Graflex / Skywalker style lightsaber keychain
Lightsaber keychains on eBay [AFFILIATE LINK]
This Graflex or Skywalker style lightsaber keychain has a tarnished, brass looking hilt and a silvered colored black. There are other hilt and blade color options available.

The Custom Saber Shop Light-up Lightsaber Keychain (promotional item)
I receive this promotional lightsaber as a freebie item from The Custom Saber Shop, so it isn’t for sale in their store. I have seen similar light-up lightsabers keychains on AliExpress or Alibaba in bulk quantities.

The Custom Saber Shop MHS styled keychains
Finally, here are two MHS styled keychains that are for sale on The Custom Saber Shop’s website. These machined aluminum keychains are the highest quality lightsaber keychains in the collection. They are not based on any movie hilts and they are smaller than the other hilts in the collection.

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