Lightsaber Keychain Collection Tour ($2 to $8 each)

lightsaber keychain collection

Here’s my current lightsaber keychain so far, in order from left to right in the photo. All of them are custom or unlicensed lightsaber keychains. Watch Lightsaber Keychain Collection Tour ($2 to $8 each) on YouTube Luke ROTJ style lightsaber keychain bottle opener Lightsaber keychains on eBay [AFFILIATE LINK]This is an unlicensed product that I purchased … Read more

Lightsaber Novelty Bottle Opener Keychain Luke ROTJ Full Review

lightsaber novelty bottle opener

This is a novelty lightsaber bottle opener keychain that I purchased on eBay. The lightsaber bottle opener keychain is unbranded, unlicensed and made in China. A bunch of different sellers on eBay and elsewhere offer this piece. It’s a Luke ROTJ style lightsaber. Different sellers name the piece in different ways, but searching for “ligthsaber bottle … Read more