With Kotobukiya Lightsaber Chopsticks, ‘you won’t want to Use the Fork!’

Kotobukiya makes officially licensed lightsaber chopsticks sets so that Star Wars fans, in the company’s own words, “won’t want to Use the Fork!”. Lightsaber “hilt” designs are based on popular Star Wars hero and villain lightsabers including: Darth Vader, Yoda, Kylo Ren, and more.

Lightsaber Keychain from The Custom Saber Shop MHS Style Keychain Review

lightsaber keychain

The Custom Saber Shop sells some neat machined aluminum, lightsaber keychains. They’re called ‘MHS Style Keychain’ and they’re listed in the TCSS Logo Items section (the keychains don’t use a TCSS logo, however). Watch Lightsaber Keychain from The Custom Saber Shop MHS Style Keychain Review on YouTube Both lightsaber keychains are similar in style, although … Read more

Finding Lightsaber Beer Tap Handles on Etsy

lightsaber beer tap handle

If you like beer, Star Wars, and lightsabers, then you will be happy to hear that at least two Etsy sellers offer light-up lightsaber tap handles. What better way is there to show off a homebrew or spruce up your bar or mancave than with a distinctive lightsaber tap handle. This article contains affiliate links, … Read more

Lightsaber Novelty Bottle Opener Keychain Luke ROTJ Full Review

lightsaber novelty bottle opener

This is a novelty lightsaber bottle opener keychain that I purchased on eBay. The lightsaber bottle opener keychain is unbranded, unlicensed and made in China. A bunch of different sellers on eBay and elsewhere offer this piece. It’s a Luke ROTJ style lightsaber. Different sellers name the piece in different ways, but searching for “ligthsaber bottle … Read more