What are Ready to Ship (RTS) lightsabers? | Lightsaber Terminology

Ready to Ship lightsabers, often abbreviated RTS lightsabers, are pre-made lightsabers that are typically shipped to the buyer much faster other lightsabers.

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RTS Lightsabers Releases as Events
Some custom saber manufacturers only release Ready to Ship lightsabers in batches  of sabers a few times a year, often for special occasions like Black Friday, May 4th (Star Wars Day), etc. Vader’s Vault hosts some of the most famous and in-demand Ready to Ship lightsaber events in the custom saber community. Vader’s Vault RTS lightsabers typically sell out the same day, often within hours of the lightsabers being listed on the website.

RTS Lightsabers as a Store Section
Some custom saber companies, like LDM Custom Sabers or Advanced Light Weaponry (ALW) [AFFILIATE LINK] maintain a separate section or an entire store of Ready to Ship lightsabers. The selection in a Ready to Ship section is usually limited. Lightsaber blade maker Ripper Blades maintains a Ready to Ship lightsaber blade section. The Ripper Blade sister website Ripper Clones, which sells flat acrylic lightsaber blades, is comprised entirely of Ready to Ship lightsaber blades.

RTS Lightsaber Condition

Since Ready to Ship (RTS) lightsabers are pre-assembled and the lightsaber is sold ‘as is’. Sometimes a Ready to Ship lightsaber may have some minor defects because it was displayed at a convention or is a returned item from another buyer. Other times, the lightsaber is simply pre-made by the company specifically for the Ready to Ship event or store section.

RTS Lightsaber Customization
Ready to Ship lightsabers lack most, if not all of the customizing options of other custom lightsabers. The buyer is unable to customize the appearance and features of an RTS lightsaber. What you see is what you get.

RTS Lightsaber Shipping Speed
The exact order fulfillment speed varies by lightsaber company, but many Ready to Ship lightsabers are mailed within 1-2 weeks. Non-Ready to Ship lightsabers can take weeks or months before the lightsaber is assembled and the order is fulfilled, depending on the company. Other, non-Ready to Ship lightsabers can suffer from unexpected delays due parts shortages, order backlogs, quality control issues, etc.

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