EVERY Mandalorian Nerf Blaster: The Complete Guide and List

Nerf Star Wars Amban Phase-Pulse Blaster

Nerf released the first Star Wars Mandalorian Nerf Blaster in 2020 to promote The Mandalorian Disney+ series. Nerf, the Hasbro owned toy company, has released 6 different Mandalorian Nerf Blasters so far. The plastic toy blasters, which fire foam darts, range in size and complexity. Let’s explore every Mandalorian Nerf blaster in the collection, ranging … Read more

Blue Force Sabers Survivor Lightsaber (Mandalorian Inspired, Cast Aluminum) | New Saber Alert

Blue Force Sabers Survivor lightsaber

The Blue Force Sabers Survivor Lightsaber has been released. The custom saber, an original design made from cast aluminum, features an intricate Mandalorian and Rebel Alliance inspired theme. The neopixel lightsaber is equipped with an all-in-one Proffieboard chassis that easily slides into the hilt. Blue Force Sabers released the Survivor lightsaber in July 2021 as … Read more

6 Non-Force Users Who Wield Lightsabers

Use the Force…or don’t. A lightsaber can be an unwieldy and downright dangerous weapon to a non-Force user. Nevertheless, here are 6 non-Force users in Star Wars Canon who take their chances and wield the vibrant, plasma-bladed weapon of the Jedi and the Sith. 1. Cad Bane Generally favoring his twin LL-30 blaster pistols, Clone … Read more

What is beskar (Mandalorian iron)? | Lightsaber Terminology


Beskar, sometimes referred to as Mandalorian iron, is an extremely durable, lightsaber-resistant alloy used to make Mandalorian armor in Star Wars Canon and Star Wars Legends. The rare and resilient alloy, which is silver-colored, is strong enough to endure a direct hit from blaster fire. Beskar can even withstand a cut or glancing blow from … Read more

Star Wars DARKSABER Toy Review | Rubie’s Black Lightsaber

Rubie's Darksaber

The Star Wars Darksaber toy by Rubie’s is a rare officially licensed Darksaber product. Despite the popularity of the Darksaber, an ominous black-bladed lightsaber, very few officially licensed Darksaber products exist. Hasbro does not make a Darksaber toy or Force FX lightsaber Darksaber collectible, for example. UPDATE: Hasbro released the Mandalorian Darksaber Electronic Lightsaber Toy … Read more

What is a lightsaber trophy? | Lightsaber Terminology

lightsaber trophy

A lightsaber trophy is a weathered and damaged lightsaber confiscated from an enemy combatant, often a fallen Jedi, in order to commemorate victory in battle. A lightsaber trophy is often but not always severely worn and damaged to the point of being unusable. Similar to a war trophy, a lightsaber trophy symbolized a combatant’s prowess … Read more

SHOTANKAZORI Offers Lightsaber Kyber Crystal Trophy Satchel (cosplay prop)

Shotankazori lightsaber kyber crystal trophy satchel

Etsy seller SHOTANKAZORIstarwars [AFFILIATE LINK] offers a unique Lightsaber Kyber Crystal Trophy Satchel. Each kyber crystal in the trophy represents a Jedi or Sith defeated in battle. SHOTANKAZORI lists three versions of the trophy: non-lighted, LED, and LED with leather. The trophy is 12 inches long. SHOTANKAZORI demos the Kyber Crystal Trophy Satchel on Instagram. A kyber … Read more