SHOTANKAZORI Offers Lightsaber Kyber Crystal Trophy Satchel (cosplay prop)

Etsy seller SHOTANKAZORIstarwars [AFFILIATE LINK] offers a unique Lightsaber Kyber Crystal Trophy Satchel. Each kyber crystal in the trophy represents a Jedi or Sith defeated in battle. SHOTANKAZORI lists three versions of the trophy: non-lighted, LED, and LED with leather. The trophy is 12 inches long. SHOTANKAZORI demos the Kyber Crystal Trophy Satchel on Instagram.

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A kyber crystal trophy, though not likely appropriate for a Jedi character, could complement several Star Wars cosplays including: Mandalorians, Bounty Hunters, assassins, Sith, etc. The kyber crystal trophy satchel could also enhance a lightsaber display area.

Given the impending 2019 release of The Mandalorian, Jon Favreau’s new live-action Star Wars television series, Mandalorian-related props and items will likely increase in popularity in the coming months.

SHOTANKAZORI also lists a high-end, Custom Mandalorian Helmet in his store as well.



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