Would you ever wear a lightsaber in public? (Discussion)

Could you ever imagine wearing a lightsaber while you’re walking down the street, grocery shopping, or doing some other mundane, everyday task in public? Wearing a lightsaber as part of cosplay or while attending Star Wars events, fan conventions, lightsaber dueling clubs, etc. doesn’t count.

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In March 2018, Sidious Sabers, a lightsaber enthusiast and YouTuber, posted a video called Solo’s Hold Luke V2 In A Restaurant. The video shows a Solo’s Hold Luke V2 lightsaber propped up on the table next to a seafood plate of oysters, salmon, mussels and caviar. The short video is basically saying, Look, I’m in a nice restaurant and I brought a lightsaber with me! According to Sidious Sabers’ video description, “Nobody knew what [the lightsaber] was.”

Another example of ‘everyday’ lightsaber carrying that comes to mind is Korean Pop (K-Pop) music video for the song Lightsaber. Preformed by EXO, the music video envisions a world where people carry lightsabers with them in everyday life. Although the music video depicts a fictitious world of lightsaber carrying

Both the Sidious Sabers Sabers bringing a lightsaber to a restaurant video and EXO Lightsaber music video depict lightsabers in everyday life, although the latter is fictitious. Even so, both examples give the viewer a glimpse people carrying around lightsabers everyday life (both real, and imagined).

Most people don’t actually carry around lightsabers, at least not on mass scale. I have never seen a random person carrying around a lightsaber. Similarly, I have never randomly carried around a lightsaber in everyday life.

Several SaberSourcing YouTube viewers commented with their own experiences and opinions about carrying a lightsaber in public. Joanna Kleinheksel said, “I take my Vader’s Vault to work with me; I carry it in my purse and set it on my desk when working.” Shadrik Easton from the United Kingdom expressed concern about carrying a lightsaber in public, speculating that law enforcement would “probably call it a truncheon or billy club or something and nick me.” BallantyneFilms commented, “I don’t think I would have the confidence to carry a lightsaber hilt out in public like that, but I admire people that are bold enough to do it.” Saber Sense even suggested increasing lightsaber awareness by making May 4th (Star Wars Day) a national “wear-your-lightsaber-to-work day”.

Multiple viewers who had actually worn a lightsaber in public mentioned that wearing the lightsaber failed to draw any reaction or attention from passersby. Viewer Vincent Skwierc said, “I wore [a lightsaber] while walking into a gas station and then went to Walmart while picking up a few things. I was wearing my Ultrasabers Crimson Reaper hopefully to draw questions but no one made any comments about it.”

Have you ever carried around a lightsaber in public? How did people react? Would you ever consider carrying around a lightsaber in public?

Solo’s Hold Luke V2 In A Restaurant (by YouTuber Sidious Sabers)

EXO Lightsaber K-Pop Music Video

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