EVERY Mandalorian Nerf Blaster: The Complete Guide and List

Nerf Star Wars Amban Phase-Pulse Blaster

Nerf released the first Star Wars Mandalorian Nerf Blaster in 2020 to promote The Mandalorian Disney+ series. Nerf, the Hasbro owned toy company, has released 6 different Mandalorian Nerf Blasters so far. The plastic toy blasters, which fire foam darts, range in size and complexity. Let’s explore every Mandalorian Nerf blaster in the collection, ranging … Read more

Target Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Lightsaber Workshop Toy Line Released | New Saber Alert

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Lightsaber Workshop Toy Line

Target released the Hasbro Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Lightsaber Workshop toy line. The new Target exclusive lightsaber toy line features mix-and-match lightsaber parts. The lightsaber parts are compatible with the mix-and-match Hasbro BladeBuilders toy line. Target https://www.target.com RELATED LIGHTSABER SELLERS affiliate linksIf you purchase an item through these links, SaberSourcing receives some money at no … Read more