What is beskar (Mandalorian iron)? | Lightsaber Terminology


Beskar, sometimes referred to as Mandalorian iron, is an extremely durable, lightsaber-resistant alloy used to make Mandalorian armor in Star Wars Canon and Star Wars Legends. The rare and resilient alloy, which is silver-colored, is strong enough to endure a direct hit from blaster fire. Beskar can even withstand a cut or glancing blow from … Read more

What is cortosis ore? | Lightsaber Terminology

cortosis ore

Cortosis ore is a rare lightsaber-resistant mineral in Star Wars canon. When a lightsaber comes in contact with the mineral, the cortosis forces the energy of the lightsaber blade back into itself, causing the lightsaber to temporarily short out. In addition to shorting out lightsabers, cortosis also dissipates the energy of a blaster bolt and … Read more