Ripper Blades Adds Inexpensive DIY Ripper Blade Kit to Store (NEW PRODUCT ALERT)

Custom lightsaber blade maker Ripper Blades added a DIY Ripper Blade Kit to both Ripper Blades and its budget-friendly sister website Ripper Clones. Each kit includes a raw acrylic blade and a 1 inch diameter, 2 long inch lightsaber blade tang (i.e. stem). Ripper Blades are compatible with most custom saber companies that use 1 inch diameter lightsaber blade sockets. Ripper Blades can make 3/4 inch or 7/8 inch diameter tangs by special request.

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Ripper Blades currently offers four different DIY Ripper Blade Kit designs: Spartan V1, Warrior, Black Blade, Katana.

Ripper Blades states they will be releasing ‘How to’ videos in December 2018 to help buyers assemble and finish their raw DIY Ripper Blade Kits. DIY Ripper Blade Kits are ready to ship and $20-$30 each (as of 11/23/2018).

DIY Ripper Blade Kit on Ripper Blades website

DIY Ripper Blade Kit on Ripper Clones website

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