Making Slothfurnace Lightsaber Clamp Cards: An Interview with creator Bradley W. Lewis

Slothfurnace lightsaber

Nothing completes the look of an Original Trilogy style lightsaber quite like a clamp card. Slothfurnace is one of the most popular clamp card makers around. Although most Slothfurnace cards are painstakingly modeled after lightsaber clamp cards shown in the movies, the striking IMP Celebration 2017 SE instead takes design inspiration from Imperial corridor patterning. … Read more

Who sells lightsaber clamp cards? (Slothfurnace and beyond)

lightsaber clamp cards

A clamp card is a pretty popular finishing piece, or greeblie, that people like to use with their Star Wars Original Trilogy style lightsabers. Lightsaber enthusiasts also use clamp cards with their own custom designs that include activation boxes. Using a clamp card is a neat way to give a lightsaber a ‘Star Wars’ feel … Read more

What is a clamp card? | Lightsaber Terminology

clamp cards on various lightsabers

A lightsaber clamp card is a printed circuit board (PCB) style piece that attaches to a lightsaber’s activation box. Clamp cards are most commonly associated with Star Wars: Original Trilogy lightsabers, especially the Graflex or Skywalker style lightsaber. A clamp card is also considered to be a greeblie, which is an add-on piece or garnish … Read more