What is electrum? | Lightsaber Terminology

Electrum is a rare crystal that adds a cosmetic gold colored finish to lightsabers, armor, blasters and other weaponry, according to Star Wars Canon. The crystal originates from the Anoat system.

In crystal form, electrum is purple and blue in color. When applied as a finish, electrum is gold in color. The Mace Windu lightsaber and the pair of Palpatine lightsabers feature electrum detailing.

According to Star Wars Legends, only high-ranking Jedi Masters could add electrum detailing to their lightsaber hilt, although Jedi and Sith rarely elected to utilize the exotic finish.

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The Mace Windu lightsaber features electrum accents. IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Disney

Behind the Scenes

In the real world, electrum is a naturally occurring alloy that primarily consists of gold and silver, but may also contain traces of copper, platinum, and other metals.

Electrum joined Star Wars Canon following the release of the reference book Ultimate Star Wars (2015). Electrum had been previously been introduced in Star Wars Legends in the Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook (1996), a West End Games roleplaying guide.

Custom saber companies sometimes use the term “electrum” in product names or a company name.

Image depicts the Mace Windu lightsaber, which features rare electrum detailing.

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