What is a Star Wars Force FX lightsaber conversion?

Even though, off the shelf, a Star Wars Force FX lightsaber is not duel worthy, sometimes people convert the lightsaber into a duel worthy lightsaber. A saber conversion is not super easy or intuitive, so many people will use a FX conversion kit from The Custom Saber Shop or pay someone to convert the saber for them.

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Why aren’t Force FX lightsabers duel worthy? Star Wars Force FX lightsabers, both the versions manufactured by Master Replicas and Hasbro, use string blades. String blades are lightsaber blades that light up with a string of LEDs (hence the term “string blade”!) that are contained within the blade itself. Due to the string blade setup, Star Wars Force FX lightsaber are NOT good lightsaber for dueling. The lightsabers can be waved around or used for VERY light contact, but NOT for serious dueling. Heavy dueling could damage the LED string contained within the blade.

How do you convert a Star Wars Force FX lightsaber into a duel worthy saber? You remove the string blade and install an in-hilt LED in the emitter area of the hilt. Finally, you attach a standard lightsaber blade from Ultrasabers, Saberforge or from another saber manufacturer to the hilt. Now the saber is duel worthy!

The Custom Saber Shop sells “FX conversion kits.” The Custom Saber Shop doesn’t call them “Force FX conversion kits” in order to avoid trademark issues. Lucasfilm/Disney owns the trademark on “Force FX lightsaber”.

Sometimes people will do these conversions themselves. Sometimes people will send their saber away to have someone else convert the saber. That’s relatively common because it’s not super easy to do the conversion yourself. Of course, this depends on your own definition of “super easy”.

Either way, Star Wars Force FX lightsabers are NOT DUEL WORTHY right off the shelf, so if you’re considering dueling with one, you may consider a Force FX conversion.

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