Master Replicas: Force FX Lightsabers and High-End Prop Replica Lightsabers | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

Master Replicas

Master Replicas (MR), a high-end movie prop replicas company, manufactured realistic Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers, full scale replica lightsabers, and an affordable line of collectible “mini” 0.45 scale replica lightsabers. Master Replicas produced officially licensed Star Wars lightsabers from 2002 until the Star Wars license expired in 2007. The company closed the following year … Read more

NEW Master Replicas Group is “looking to make Star Wars…replicas” (2018?)

Master Replicas .45 scale lightsabers

Master Replicas relaunched in August 2017 with a slightly different name, Master Replicas Group, but a lot of the same people from the original Master Replicas company. Master Replicas had previously manufactured officially licensed Star Wars collectibles, including: popular full size scale model lightsaber hilts, 0.45 scale lightsaber hilts, and the original line of Force FX … Read more