Custom Lightsaber Company Profitability vs Greed

Lightsaber sales are booming and there’s no denying custom lightsaber manufactures, large and small, are making a lot of money. Making money is not inherently bad. A company needs to make some money to be financially viable, but when does a custom lightsaber company’s profitability transition into greed?

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Many SaberSourcing viewers and readers voice strong opinions in the comments section about different custom saber companies. Some people will single out individual lightsaber hilts as being overpriced while others will attack entire custom saber companies as pedaling overpriced lightsabers in general.

At what point is a custom lightsaber company or sabersmith being greedy? Some custom saber manufacturers produce high quality, feature-loaded lightsabers that could justify a higher price tag. Other sabersmiths create highly detailed customized projects featuring a high level of artistic value. Art and craftsmanship is always difficult to price, but how about off-the-shelf lightsabers produced by the large custom saber companies?

One thing that the major custom lightsaber manufacturers and smaller-scale sabersmiths have in common is their source of inspiration: Star Wars. Without Star Wars, sabersmiths and custom lightsabers manufactures would not exist, yet content creator/owner Disney does not directly profit from custom lightsabers. Lucasfilm and Disney have mostly allowed the unofficial, custom saber market to grow and thrive in tandem with their own popular, officially licensed products like Force FX lightsabers.

Some possible (but debatable!) symptoms of custom lightsaber company greed:
– raising product prices without justifiable reason
– treating customers poorly (i.e. slow or no communication, long shipping delays without communication, unfavorable warranty or returns, etc.)
– producing cheap, poorly made items
– stealing product designs from other custom sabers companies or individuals
– flaunting wealth
– using misleading or vague product descriptions
– lack of company transparency

SaberSourcing viewers weigh in:
“When the quality of the product doesn’t match the price tag, or similar priced products are better quality. That’s how you can tell if it’s “greed”.” — Gregg Geiger

“My opinion is when the company starts jacking up their prices when there is really no inflation of the material for the product seems kind of greedy to me.” — ZombiE Dad

“Vader’s Vault is very competitive in their pricing when considering they machine their hilts in America versus the competitions that machine their hilts in China.” — JediPeaceWalker

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