One-Shot Custom Lightsabers: An Interview with Advanced Light Weaponry

Advanced Light Weaponry lightsabers

Bob Iannaccone, founder of Advanced Light Weaponry (ALW), designs and builds one-of-a-kind lightsabers from scratch. Iannaccone, who has a background in painting, sculpting and filmmaking, approaches each lightsaber build with an artist’s eye: no two lightsaber designs are alike. Iannaccone sells ready-to-ship lightsabers in his Advanced Light Weaponry eBay store [AFFILIATE LINK] and accepts custom lightsaber … Read more

Empty Lightsaber Hilts and More: An Interview with Great Lakes Saber Co

Great Lakes Saber Co lightsaber hilt

Star Wars fan Brent Murray launched the Great Lakes Saber Co Etsy Store [AFFILIATE LINK] in 2016. Although the custom lightsaber company currently specializes in empty lightsaber hilts and some custom commissions, Murray plans to bring back the Build-a-Saber 3D printed parts line and add sound sabers to the store in the near future. SaberSourcing … Read more

Found Parts Style Lightsabers: An Interview with Salt Lake Saber Co

Salt Lake Saber Co lightsabers

Blair Maynes never thought he’d be designing and selling lightsabers for a living, but as the founder and owner of the Salt Lake Saber Co, that’s exactly what he does. The Salt Lake Saber Co Etsy store [AFFILIATE LINK], which Maynes started in 2014, sells ‘found parts’ style lightsaber hilts, made mostly out of hardware parts. … Read more

Rancor Tooth Lightsabers and Beyond: An Interview with Starfall Sabers

Starfall Sabers Rancor tooth lightsaber

What do lightsabers, a rancor tooth and Freddie Prinze Jr have in common? Starfall Sabers, of course (more on Freddie Prince Jr later)! Custom lightsaber company Starfall Sabers, created by Nick Cohen, is most well-known for selling an eye-catching custom Rancor Tooth lightsaber [Etsy affiliate link]. Starfall Sabers also makes popular custom Corran Horn and … Read more

Making Affordable Custom Lightsabers: An Interview with ACLightsabers Founder Alan Cheong

ACLightsabers custom sabers with attached blades

Alan Cheong started ACLightsabers [AFFILIATE LINK] in 2015 with the goal of providing Malaysians an affordable lightsaber alternative to United States based custom saber manufacturers. Three years, and over 500 Etsy sales later, Cheong continues to expand the ACLightsaber product line as well as its global fan base (including many buyers from the United States, Europe, … Read more

Custom Lightsaber Company Profitability vs Greed

two lightsaber blades in the background

Lightsaber sales are booming and there’s no denying custom lightsaber manufactures, large and small, are making a lot of money. Making money is not inherently bad. A company needs to make some money to be financially viable, but when does a custom lightsaber company’s profitability transition into greed? Watch Custom Lightsaber Company Profitability vs Greed on YouTube … Read more