Trends Cove lightsabers: What You Should Know

You may have seen Trends Cove lightsabers advertised on Instagram, Facebook or elsewhere around the internet. Let’s go over some things you should know about this company and the lightsabers that they sell.

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According to the Trends Cove website, the company launched in December 2017, so Trends Cove is under 6 months old. The big item that Trends Cove features on their website is called ‘RGB LED Force FX lightsaber‘. If the so called ‘RGB LED Force FX lightsaber’ looks familiar, it’s because they are the same product that’s sometimes sold under the name ‘Total FX Rogue Lightsaber‘.

I purchased some Total FX Rogue Lightsabers in January 2018. They are very cheaply made plastic toy lightsabers that are made in China and often shipped to customers from China. Many websites sell these cheap toys and make them look like they’re greatest thing since sliced bread by using misleading sales tactics. The websites also make the toys look like they are deeply discounted lightsabers when in fact their just these toy lightsabers that are worth a few dollars or so each.

Trends Cove states the RGB LED Force FX lightsaber is valued at $119.95, but the so called limited time sale discounts the toys to $29.95. Walmart sells a similar item called a Space Sword for under $5.

Just a reminder that websites selling RGB LED Force FX lightsaber along, Total FX Rogue Lightsaber and other names are selling the idea or the dream of owning a cool lightsaber and the cheap toy lightsaber could theoretically be any cheap toy lightsaber.

Trends Cove does NOT sell any officially licensed lightsabers. Although the RGB LED Force FX lightsabers are cute toys, they’re arguably worth maybe a few dollars each instead of $30. Also, the batteries are NOT included.

These so-called RGB LED Force FX lightsabers infringe on Disney’s registered trademark on the term ‘Force FX’. The ONLY legitimate Force FX lightsabers in production are the Star Wars: The Black Series Force FX lightsabers by Hasbro.

In addition to the RGB LED Force FX lightsaber, Trends Cove also sells some sabers manufactured by YDD Saber. YDD Saber makes lightsabers with metal hilts and polycarbonate blades, so they are higher quality than the RGB LED Force FX lightsaber toys. Many vendors around the internet sell various lightsaber models from China-based YDD Saber. Trends Cove sells a lightsaber that they call ‘Force FX Pro Saber’ (again, infringing on the Disney trademark on ‘Force FX’) for $99.95. The ‘Force FX Pro Saber’ is the same product as The Tiny Giant Kyojin from The Pach Store and Youngling Saber from Saberforge. Both The Pach Store and Saberforge price the saber at only $59.99, so it’s considerably cheaper to purchase the saber from The Pach Store or Saberforge rather than from Trends Cove. Other vendors sell the same model as well.

Trends Cove does sell a few other YDD Saber models in their store as well and all of them are priced around $50 or more higher than many other lightsaber vendors.

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