Skywalker Lightsaber: Top 8 Names for the Most Famous Lightsaber in the Galaxy

The Skywalker lightsaber, the first and most famous lightsaber of all, goes by more names than you might think. Here are the Top 8 Names for the Most Famous Lightsaber in the Galaxy.

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1. Skywalker lightsaber

Calling the lightsaber the ‘Skywalker lightsaber’ or ‘Skywalker’s lightsaber’ allows fans to avoid having to choose between calling the saber ‘Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber’ or ‘Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber’. The Skywalker lightsaber can be inclusive of both characters. The ‘Skywalker lightsaber’ name becomes problematic since Rey is the current owner of the lightsaber. Since Rey’s parents are unknown, the character may or may not be a Skywalker as well.

2. Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber
In Star Wars canon, Anakin Skywalker designed and constructed the lightsaber, so some fans consider the lightsaber to be the Anakin Skywalker lightsaber, regardless of which character is in possession of the lightsaber.

3. Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber
Luke Skywalker is the first character seen using the lightsaber when Star Wars was released in 1977. Some fans, who have followed the franchise since 1977, see the name ‘Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber’ as most fitting.

4. Rey’s lightsaber
According to Star Wars canon, Rey is the current owner of the lightsaber, so Disney now commonly refers to the lightsaber as ‘Rey’s Lightsaber’ in advertising and merchandising.

5. Graflex lightsaber
Graflex is the brand of the camera flashgun used to construct the prop lightsaber, so some fans and custom saber companies elect to call the saber ‘Graflex lightsaber’.

6. Flashgun
The lightsaber is comprised of a Graflex camera flashgun, so sometimes the hilt is referred to as its primary component, ‘Flashgun.’

7. Flex
‘Flex’ is a simple shortening of the defunct camera flash company, ‘Graflex’. A Graflex flashgun was the basis for the lightsaber. Some modified or hybrid Graflex inspired lightsabers incorporate ‘Flex’ into the name as well. Some examples include: SlimFlex (by Ultimate Works), Flextana (a Graflex/Katana hybrid by Ultimate Works and WonderForce), StubbyFlex (a squat custom lightsaber by sabersmith Shameem Moshrefzadeh), etc.

8. The Original Lightsaber
Since the hilt was the very first lightsaber prop designed for entire Star Wars franchise, some fans refer to the lightsaber as ‘The Original Lightsaber.’

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Which name do you prefer to use for the lightsaber?

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