Lightsaber Holster for Wearing Your Lightsaber | Lightsaber Terminology

A lightsaber holster is a holder for carrying a lightsaber when it is not in use. The holder, which is made of leather or fabric, typically attaches to a belt or strap on the wearer’s hip or back. Jedi from the High Republic commonly utilize lightsaber holsters in Star Wars Canon. High Republic era Jedi Master Stellan Gios uses a specialized lightsaber holster to wear his folding crossguard lightsaber.

Although lightsaber holsters appear multiple times during the High Republic era, the accessory also appears in Star Wars Legends. Sith Lord Calypho (Old Republic era) and Jedi Padawan Pix (Clone Wars era) both use lightsaber holsters to wear and carry their weapons.

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lightsaber holster
High Republic era Stellan Gios lightsaber holster (left) and Lord Calypho lightsaber (middle and right) | IMAGE CREDIT Disney

Finding a Real Lightsaber Holster

In the real world, a custom leather holster may be designed to accommodate a lightsaber hilt without the blade attached or with the blade attached (like a sword). Etsy seller LeafontheWindLeather makes custom leather lightsaber holsters. Another Etsy company called Zozocustoms makes plastic lightsaber holsters for bladed lightsabers. Vader’s Vault makes a leather saber holster for a hilt without the blade. Both styles loop through the wearer’s belt. The holsters are not endorsed or affiliated with Lucasfilm.

Another item similar to a lightsaber holster is a leather sword frog. A sword frog is holds a replica sword at an angle from the wearer’s belt. A lightsaber with an attached blade may fit in a sword frog as well. Check the sword frog’s dimensions before buying one in order to ensure the blade will fit. Also, ask the seller any sizing questions in advance.

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LeafontheWindLeather custom leather lightsaber holder | IMAGE CREDIT LeafontheWindLeather

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