Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Coke Bottle: Everything You Need to Know

The spherical Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Coke Bottle serves as a simple and yet captivating “in universe” detail (and souvenir!) at the Star Wars theme park. Instead of selling standard “Earthly” Coke bottles or cans, Disney sells exclusive bulbous bottles at Galaxy’s Edge. Due to the spherical “orb” shape, fans affectionately (and controversially) refer to the item as the “thermal detonator” Coke bottle.

Famous for providing an immersive and escapist experience for guests, Disney teamed up with Coca Cola to ensure that even everyday Coke bottles feel like they belong in the Star Wars universe at Galaxy’s Edge.

“We wanted to create a package that would appear like it was pulled off a ship or left behind and repurposed as a bottle of your favorite Coca-Cola beverage – all with visual cues that keep you in the Star Wars storyline.” — Matt Cooper, associate industrial designer at Coca Cola

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“Thermal Detonator” style Galaxy’s Edge Coke Bottle (left) and the assortment of Galaxy’s Edge exclusive packaging for Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite and Dasani (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Disney

Galaxy’s Edge Coke Bottles: Description and Lineup

First released in 2019, the Galaxy’s Edge Coke Bottle lineup includes three different 13.5 ounce soft drinks: Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite. All three plastic beverages containers are spherical in shape with a dimpled bottom so they can sit flat on a surface.

Each bottle measures about 5 inches tall and 4.5 inches in diameter. Aurebesh text and printed scuffed and rusted details adorn each bottle. A metallic gray outer cap with a rugged industrial vibe completes the look. The gray outer cap hides a standard white screw top cap on the inside.

Galaxy’s Edge also sell an exclusive 20 ounce Dasani water bottle with Aurebesh text. The Dasani bottle features a cylindrical design and lacks the weathered details of the other bottles. Due to the more ‘normal’ appearance of the Dasani bottle, the water bottle is much less memorable and sought after than the spherical soft drink bottles.

Although all of the bottles are offered as single use plastic items, the Galaxy’s Edge Coke Bottle remains a highly sought after souvenir.

Why the spherical shape?

Disney and Coca Cola explored many different bottle shapes before selecting a sphere. A sphere provides a memorable and iconic container silhouette following in the tradition of the legendary hourglass silhouette of the original glass Coke bottle.

Although Disney does not refer to the bottles outright as “thermal detonator” bottles, the company is certainly aware of the resemblance. The bottles also bear some resemblance to BB-8 or other BB series droids.

The exclusive bottles fulfill several objectives:
1. Enhancing the immersive Galaxy’s Edge experience for guests
2. Creating an eye-catching Star Wars souvenir and possible impulse buy
3. Producing scarcity of a Galaxy’s Edge exclusive item
4. Serving as a standard beverage (despite the non-standard packaging)

Coca Cola previously released a similar, limited edition holiday ornament style bottle. Released exclusively during the holiday season in 2009, 2010, and 2011, the holiday ornament bottles are the same size as the Galaxy’s Edge Coke bottles.

CREDIT Coca Cola

Price of the Galaxy’s Edge Coke Bottles

On opening day in 2019, the Coke bottles sold for $4.99 plus tax. As of April 2022, the bottles sell for about $6 each at the Galaxy’s Edge park. The bottles are one of the cheapest souvenirs from Galaxy’s Edge.

Can’t go to the park? Some people sell the bottles secondhand online. They typically sell at a higher price secondhand than they do in the park.
Amazon Galaxy’s Edge Coke Bottle
eBay Galaxy’s Edge Coke Bottles

The Notorious TSA Coke Bottle Ban (and It’s Reversal)

In mid August 2019, a traveler asked the Transportation Security Authority (TSA) about packing the souvenir Galaxy’s Edge Coke bottles in their luggage. The TSA tweeted the reply, “Thanks for asking! Replica and inert explosives aren’t allowed in either carry-on or checked bags.”

The TSA reviewed the matter and reversed course later in the month. In late August 2021, the TSA released a statement that “[w]e instructed our officers to treat [Galaxy’s Edge Coke bottles] as an oversized liquid…[that] should be put in checked baggage or emptied to be brought on as carry-on item.”

Consider that individual TSA officers always have the right to prohibit ANY item if they believe the item poses a security threat. In other words, it’s still possible that an individual TSA officer may prohibit your Coke bottle through security.

Custom Soda Ball Slings/Carriers

A couple Etsy sellers make some intriguing custom leather soda ball slings or carriers. The carriers enable you to accessorize the Coke bottle during your Galaxy’s Edge adventure. Wear your Galaxy’s Edge Coke bottle on your hip or clip the bottle to your backpack, stroller, etc.


TOTALCLOSETNERD Soda Ball Carrier (left) and SpaceFlamingos Soda Ball Sling (right) | IMAGE CREDIT TOTALCLOSETNERD/SpaceFlamingos

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