10 CUSTOM Kyber Crystal Sellers | Galaxy’s Edge Compatible

custom kyber crystals

Let’s explore custom Galaxy’s Edge compatible kyber crystal sellers. Have a Savi’s Workshop lightsaber or Galaxy’s Edge holocron? Custom kyber crystal artisans expand our kyber crystal horizon with dazzling new colors, textures, shapes, designs and more! Note that the following custom kyber crystals are fan made and are not created or sold by Disney. You … Read more

Jaymoo’s Playground: Custom Savi’s Compatible Blades and Kyber Crystals | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

Jaymoo’s Playground is a United States based custom saber company that specializes in handcrafted Savi’s Workshop compatible accessories. The company makes a Savi’s Workshop compatible blade, blade plug adapter, and a selection of custom kyber crystals, including rare colors like black, orange and teal. DISCLAIMER: Jaymoo’s Playground sent SaberSourcing a custom blade on loan and … Read more