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Let’s explore custom Galaxy’s Edge compatible kyber crystal sellers. Have a Savi’s Workshop lightsaber or Galaxy’s Edge holocron? Custom kyber crystal artisans expand our kyber crystal horizon with dazzling new colors, textures, shapes, designs and more!

Note that the following custom kyber crystals are fan made and are not created or sold by Disney. You can find more information about the official Disney kyber crystals in the article Kyber Crystals from Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge: What You Should Know.

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custom kyber crystals

1. KRC Kybers

Location: United States

KRC Kybers makes a selection of custom kyber crystals, some of which are limited edition, with some exotic designs and features. Many of the kyber crystals are two-toned and some even change colors through heat activation. The functional kyber crystals are dual-chipped–one chip on each end of the piece. This means you can activate up to two different lightsaber colors and holocron voices with one crystal. Simply flip over the crystal to activate the second color/voice.

custom KRC Kybers

2. Jaymoos Playground

Location: United States

Jaymoos Playground sells sells custom functional kyber crystals with a clear exterior with a color core. The color of the core matches the blade color with three exceptions: black (blade illuminates red), teal (crystal chamber illuminates teal, blade illuminates blue), and orange (crystal chamber illuminates orange, blade illuminates yellow).

Note that teal and orange are unreleased colors from Galaxy’s Edge and do not have any associated holocron voices.

custom Jaymoos Playground kyber crystals

3. Crafted Cores

Location: United States

Crafted Cores, sometimes called Crafted Core, sells a selection dual-chipped custom kyber crystals. A dual-chipped crystal may activate up to two different lightsaber colors and holocron voices with one crystal. The company offers several two-toned designs, an ominous cracked black crystal, an even a Han Solo in carbonite themed design.

custom kyber crystals crafted cores

4. Geeky Gamer DE

Location: United States

Geeky Game DE creates custom kyber crystals in two versions: a display version (no chip) and a chipped version. So if you’d like the crystal to function with your Savi’s Workshop you need to select the chipped version. Each crystal is emblazoned with a logo denoting allegiance (e.g. the red kyber crystal features the infamous Imperial logo). The company also makes non-logo display crystals (no chip) and several different custom kyber crystal displays/storage units.

custom kyber crystal Geeky Game DE

5. Kyber by Chris

Location: United States

Kyber by Chris makes an assortment of custom kyber crystals. In addition to creating many common crystal colors, the company also makes a pink crystal. Note that when the pink crystal is installed in a Savi’s Workshop hilt, the blade will light up purple and not pink. Kyber by Chris also offers two add-ons: a stand and a container.

custom kyber crystals Kyber by Chris

6. Wulfy’s Workshop

Location: United States

Like some of the other custom kyber crystal makers, Wulf’s Workshop offers several two-toned, dual-chipped kyber crystals that may activate up to two different lightsaber colors and holocron voices with one crystal. The company also makes custom Galaxy’s Edge compatible Krayt Dragon Pearls. The pearls come in all seven standard kyber crystal colors. The Savi’s Workshop lightsaber blade illuminates the same color as the pearl (except the black pearl creates a red blade).

custom kyber crystal Wulfy's Workshop

7. iamGEEKshop

Location: United States

The company iamGEEKshop makes several custom chip-equipped kyber crystals with intriguing designs and themes. A black crystal features gnarled, curves and spirals inspired by the Dagobah Gnarltree in the Cave of Evil. Luke’s missing hand from Cloud City (!!) is embedded inside transparent blue crystal.

custom kyber crystal iamGEEKshop

8. Tinkerers Cove

Location: United States

Tinkerers’ Cove makes chip-equipped kyber crystals with a magnetic base. The crystals may attach to an optional necklace so you can wear the crystal when it’s not in use. The teal crystal (called Mantle of the Force) creates a blue blade and the orange crystal (called Heart of the Guardian) creates a yellow blade. Note that the teal kyber crystal is NOT compatible with Galaxy’s Edge holocrons due to its shape.

Tinkerers’ Cove also makes a Kyber Infused Krayt Dragon Pearl and a mysterious black kyber crystal called Mirror Cave.

Tinkerers Cove custom kyber crystals

9. DCHolocrons

Location: United States

DCHolocrons makes 9 different custom kyber crystal designs. The crystals are all Norse mythology themed. The company offers the crystals as a decorative piece (no chip) or with a chip.

custom kyber crystal DCHolocrons

10. The Disney Cellar

Location: United States

The Disney Cellar (NOT an official Disney company) makes a selection of custom made, chip-equipped kyber crystals. Although most of the company’s crystals are solid colors, the company offers a few dual-color, dual-chipped kyber crystals as well.

The Disney Cellar custom kyber crystals

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